Craig & Maureen Booth

Dr. Craig Lang Booth

Dr. Craig Lang Booth graduated from Dixie Junior College, the University of Utah, and the University of Utah Medical School. He earned his reputation by serving the St. George area as a general practitioner, delivering over 2,500 babies and 200 gall bladders and consequently gaining the nickname “Doc Booth.” For 18 years, he taught physiology at his beloved Dixie College. Dr. Booth holds a private pilot’s license, has hiked “The Subway” in Zion National Park more than 120 times, and inadvertently forced the park service to install a lottery system to control the crowds.


Maureen Haslam Booth

Maureen Haslam Booth moved to St. George in 1954, and the “red sands” of Dixie haven’t left her shoes since. She attended Dixie Junior College, graduating with honors in 1967. In 1993, Maureen obtained a bachelor’s degree in Art and English from Southern Utah University and again graduated with honors. Maureen was appointed by Governor Norman Bangerter to serve as a member of the Dixie College Board of Trustees and later served as Chairman of the Board. She earned the nickname “The Iron Lady” for her determination and grit as she organized a committee of private citizens who successfully bypassed the Board of Regents and established Dixie as a four-year college.