The Booth Honors program

Why join the honors program?

The Craig & Maureen Booth Honors Program at Dixie State University serves students who want to explore, grow, and excel. The Booth Honors Program challenges students to do their best academically, creatively, and personally. We offer opportunities for students to stand out and maximize their potential by being a part of and contributing to an active learning community of students and faculty that address innovative topics in creative and unique ways.

The honors community

Honors students engage in our dynamic student community and build friendships beyond the classroom through academic and extracurricular activities.

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Small classes

Honors students take part in small, dynamic interdisciplinary seminar and discussion format classes covering a wide range of interesting and unusual topics.

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Priority Registration

Honors students have priority registration and can register for classes before other students, allowing exceptional flexibility in constructing their schedules.

Program Requirements

Scholarship Opportunities

Students are eligible for Honors Program research and travel grants to fund summer internships, study abroad trips, and other experiential learning opportunities.

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The "Booth"

An exclusive honors space in the Holland Centennial Commons named after our donor. The Booth has a beautiful view of campus and provides a terrific place for studying, reading, meeting, and socializing with other Honors students.

Research opportunities

The Booth Honors Program offers enhanced opportunities to collaborate with faculty in pursuing undergraduate research at Dixie State University. Additionally, funding is available for students to attend regional and national conferences and present research and creative work.

Honors transcript and graduation recognition

After completing the Booth Honors Program, students receive an honors designation on their transcript. Students receive an honors medallion to wear at graduation ceremonies and receive recognition in the graduation program.

Our Mission

As a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Dixie State University’s Booth Honors Program provides exceptional students with an intensive, engaging, and rigorous curriculum and a community of students, faculty, and staff who share their interests.

The mission of the Booth Honors Program is to attract a diverse community of highly capable and motivated individuals who challenge one another in the lifelong pursuit of learning.

The Booth Honors Program delivers in-class and extracurricular academic experiences that create a distinctive learning environment. The Program provides measurable opportunities for broader, deeper, and more complex learner-directed experiences in a wide range of contexts that meet students’ unique needs to help them work toward their long-term goals. The Honors Program also supports other departments and programs by providing complementary academic and extracurricular experiences for talented students from the whole campus.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Proficiency in open-ended problem solving with creative, evidence-based, and multidisciplinary teamwork approaches.
  • Critical reading skills and information literacy competencies.
  • Clear, analytical and persuasive writing that exhibits critical thinking.
  • Professional quality skills in oral, graphical, and written public presentation.
  • Original scholarship and/or creative activity in their chosen field.


Beth Axelgard


Phone: 435-879-4487

Office: Holland 487